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Target the heavy drinkers


Thursday 30 September 2021  The Dominion Post - Letter to the Editor from Bridget MacDonald, Executive Director, NZABC As a nation, we’re drinking 25% less than in the ’80s. Harmful drinking is declining, particularly amongst young people. We drink less than the UK and below the average of OCED countries, so it’s wrong to [...]

Target the heavy drinkers2021-10-21T20:45:43+13:00

Letter to the Editor: We don’t want Mum’s-to-be drinking


Letter 18 July 2020 NZABC's Bridget MacDonald responds to  The Dominion Post on pregnancy warning labels. Dear Editor, The alcohol industry strongly supports the message that pregnant women, or women thinking of becoming pregnant, should not drink. We’ve been advocating this for years through voluntarily labelling our products with warning messages, contributing $11.5m to the [...]

Letter to the Editor: We don’t want Mum’s-to-be drinking2021-01-08T15:38:14+13:00
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