About us

Over 2.5 million adult Kiwis enjoy a drink as as part of a balanced lifestyle. Their voices can be lost in a debate that doesn’t always reflect the evidence and can often be clouded by emotion. Our aim is to provide a reasoned approach to the discussion.

Formed in early 2018, the New Zealand Alcohol Beverages Council is a pan-industry group that speaks for those kiwis who want to see a fair and balanced approach to alcohol attitudes, laws and regulation in our country.

Most New Zealanders regularly enjoy a beer, wine or cocktail. Often it’s at home with whanau or friends, watching sport or on a night out. Humans have done this for thousands of years. Most of us do it responsibly and it doesn’t do us or those around us any harm. However, NZABC recognises the harm that some people cause themselves with alcohol. We will always acknowledge that and we actively support good regulation and industry responsibility to educate people on sensible, healthy drinking.

At NZABC, we believe partnership between Local and Central Government, communities, and the alcohol sector, along with great education, are the best ways to reduce harm and maximise enjoyment from alcohol for everyone.

Sensible and Safe Drinking

Moderate drinking can be enjoyed as as part of a healthy diet. Overall, New Zealand’s consumption of alcohol is dropping and that is reflected in many of the statistics relating to health and harm, particularly for young people under 35. We are proud to support the alcohol industry in its development of more low alcohol and non alcoholic products to support better choices of consumers.

We are pleased to promote www.cheers.org.nz and other programs like alcoholandme.org.nz that assist you to make the safe and healthy choices with your drinking.

Making An Impact In Our Communities

Over 2.5 million adult Kiwis enjoy a drink moderately and responsibly
82% of Kiwis drink at or below the Ministry of Health’s low-risk alcohol drinking advice and 92% of Kiwis have the recommended two (or more) alcohol-free days per week.
We’re drinking 25% less. In 1986, New Zealanders were consuming 11.3 litres of alcohol per person, by December 2021 this had dropped to 8.7 litres per person.

Who are we

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Ready to talk?

Do you or anyone you know have a problem with their drinking? Contact the Alcohol Drug Helpline for free and confidential advice.

Freephone 0800 787 797 or text 8681,
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